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In the PLuto community we provide our users and clients with a variety of different payment methods, for-example we have Bills, Coins and Tokens. Here there is more explanation: 

A PLuto account is an entity that can send transactions and has a balance.

A PLuto wallet has a Public Key, it can be accessed online. Just like an inbox has an email address. You can send fund to any Wallets. A Wallet also allows you to view your balance, send transactions and more. 

 BILLS:  Bills like in physical cash are worth more than the average coin, so basically put in PLuto Bills are worth anywhere from 20,30,40,100, 1000 times a PLuto Coin. They are more expensive in the market and harder to receive. 

COINS:  A coin depends on its value. There will coins just like the US Currency and there will be others like EUROS, FRANCS and YUAN. 

For-example when you are interested in buying a quarter, or a penny you will have to pay the same amount as in U.S currency. But, you might be asking how does this benefit me? First of all it will since you can have electronic money and later on it will go up in price and will be a great investment. You will earn interest on you account every month if used. If not used you will not receive interest. 

TOKENS: Tokens will be special coins which will be worth much more than average it will about 500$ per coin and the production will decrease throughout the years. To receive a Token you can either purchase it or be an active participant in transactions. There will only be about 2000 produced. 

Production: PLuto Cash will be produced rarely. Every day there will be about 20,000 coins created, 2000 Bills, 1 Token(rate depending).

How are PLuto Coins, Bills and Tokens created.

You will be able to mine PLuto every 30 minutes, the goal would be to install an application called PLuto-Miner and in this application there would be a 20,000 digit number and will have to be submitted once found. You will have about 20 minutes to solve the number and once the number has been solved enter it into you wallet account, it will directly show an image of either a Bill, Token or Coin. If you're lucky you can receive a Bill which can range from 20$ - 40,000$ a Token would be about 500$. Once you have receive the number it will be deciphered to small code about 100 digits and letters that will be your PLuto Coin, Bill or Token. 


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